2021 Club Day Results

Week 8 - 6th June

Week 9 - 13th June (d)

Week 10 - 11th July (e)

Week 11 - 25th July (a)

Week 12 - 8th August (b)

Week 13 - 15th August (c)

Week 14 - 5th September (e)

Week 15 - 19th September

2021 Saturday Throw Meets

Meet 1 - 6th March - Throw Pentathlon

Meet 2 - 5th June - Heavyweight Pentathlon, 56lb

Meet 3 - 10th July - Throw Pentathlon, 56lb, 100lb

Meet 4 - 14th August - Heavyweight Pentathlon

Meet 5 - 11th September

2021 Competition Results

Mackay Competition

Mulgrave Relay Day

GBRMG/Twilight Competition (Barlow Park)

Festival of Athletics (Townsville)

Coral Coast Carnival (Barlow Park)

Normanton Pentathlon

Tolga Pentathlon

North Queensland Championships (Townsville)

AMA Winter Throws Competition (Wollongong)

Queensland A & Q Sqaud
ANQ Junior Achievers Program

Club Records

These records encompass both Mulgrave Little Athletics and Mulgrave Athletics Club previous Best Performances.

To assist with updating of records, if you or your child breaks a record outside of our Club at a recognised meet/carnival, please complete an “Application for Record” form . Please hand the completed form to the Registrar.  The application is then considered for ratification at the next committee meeting.  This application must have a print out of the event results attached (referencing a website for results will not be accepted).  Failure to do so will result in the application not being considered.

Application for a Record